Welcome to the official Gary Avis website.
Firstly, I'm so sorry it's been months since I last wrote something on here, I've been busy getting used to my new life in Suffolk and adjusting to all the changes this brings to the way in which the average week pans out. I have to say, it's the best decision I ever made and I really do have the best of both worlds, I'm loving it.........but back to the day job.

Well, this season has been the 26th year of being up there doing what the Avis does, a fun start to the season with my old mates Monsieur GM and Gaoler in Manon, made especially pertinent this time because I lost one of my ballet heroes Derek Rencher (who created so many of the roles I now inhabit). He was a genius of an actor/dancer. Then along came a slightly weird Christmas season for me this year bereft of Drosselmeyer but I had lots of fun as The Duchess and Don Q. After that I had the privilege of rehearsing and performing in Cranko's beautiful ballet Onegin, partnering the divinely musical and expressive Laura Morera in my Gremin performances, I love that ballet! Following on was a genuinely fond farewell to Sir Anthony Dowell's production of Swan Lake which I have enjoyed being a part of for the whole of my RB career, working my way up from Peasant to Cadet, Spanish to Mazurka, Lord Chamberlain to Von Rothbart ....there were tears and for the record - I don't give a damn what anyone has ever said about Von Rothbart's look in this production (and trust me they've harped on and on about that for years) but I've LOVED it and I will miss him and miss donning those massive wings hugely!

Following that I spent some time working on the revival of Song of the Earth, with Dame Monica Mason, an experience I've really enjoyed, taking many trips down memory lane remembering when Carlos, Darcey and I performed it back in 2007! Awesome!
But that was then and this is now. So the weird career of the Avis has now taken yet another absolutely unpredictable turn. I was cast in the World Premiere of Wayne McGregor's first full length production for The Royal Ballet 'Woolf Works' about the life and literary creations of Virginia Woolf. Extraordinary, considering I'm 45! - there's dancing, lots and lots and lots of dancing. It's been an incredible experience getting 'back in the dancing saddle' and I can't say it's been easy or that I've not been sore, but I'm having the time of my life and I'm performing with one of my absolute ballet idols - Alessandra Ferri! Yes really...... pinch me! Its just amazing and the production is stunning. So I'm currently relying on plenty of Epsom Salt baths to soothe those aching muscles to get me through the last few weeks before the USA Tour that is soon upon us! (You can read more about my adventures with Woolf Works thanks to Christine Webber and her lovely article published in The Daily Telegraph …..here. ) Happily revisiting Washington DC and New York again and this year a new city to add to my collection, my first ever visit to Chicago! Can't wait!

Only three more weeks left to go of the 14/15 RB Season at the Royal Opera House and I can honestly say it's been rather an unusual journey this year! Things I would have loved and craved to perform have yet again slipped by the 'casting net' (Widow in Fille) but on the other hand who would have ever thought that at 45 I would be premiering in a McGregor ballet, dancing alongside such amazing talent and partnering the Ferri!! That silver lining definitely found my cloud!!

Take care, love

Gary Avis and Alessandra Ferri in woolf Works
With Alessandra Ferri in Woolf Works @ Dave Morgan
Gary Avis and Alessandra Ferri in woolf Works
With Alessandra Ferri in Woolf Works
PS: thanks to everyone who supported Emma and us all with the first Ann Maguire gala at Sadler's Wells. £100,000 raised from the night so far for an arts fund set up in her memory. Moving experience. Great job everyone! You can still get involved - http://www.annmaguire.org
Ann Maguire gala
Ann Maguire Gala
Gary Avis and Darcey Bussell in Song of the Earth
Gary Avis as Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet
Gary Avis in The Rite of Spring
Gary Avis in The Nutcracker
Gary Avis as Hilarion in Giselle
Gary Avis in The Firebird
Gary Avis and Mara Galeazzi in The Tsarina
Gary Avis and Darcey Bussell in DGV
Gary Avis in Alice
Gary Avis Headshot